I’m sure everyone has heard of gluten and these dreaded carbs that are horrible for you, but where do they come from and how is there such a large cry about this. I take a closer look into the technology that has forever changed our health.



We need to first figure out why and where to get a sense of the new technology and uses. In the 1930s the first bit of flour began to be developed into enriched wheat four adding nutrients into the wheat to help replace the ones removed by taking the Bran and Germ out.

But why remove the Bran and Germ of the Wheat? In the industrial revolution this was the only way to help preserve flour. Being unable to transport flour for long distances the shelf life was very short for flour.

Today we can link several cases of Gluten Allergies to the fact of having to much of these “Enriched wheat flour”. The body can not break down the complex carbohydrates with out the use of the bran and germ. So why is it still removed to this day. Profits is the main reason why, we have all this technology to preserve foods different foods but we do not use them. The Flour companies don’t want you too. Because there capabilities of mass producing bread and flour would come to a halt with a large profit loss. This discovery of a way to remove the bran and germ was put back into the wheat we would be living a healthier life. I say we use our new age technology to preserve the natural bread; place the bread in the freezer, or fridge.



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